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Proven Aircraft Sales

Our first step is to know your plane inside and out, possibly better than you do. We will ask questions and seek information about your bird that you may have not thought important. Once you are comfortable with us, and we are content knowing everything about your plane, we will advertise your aircraft on our web site as well as other popular aviation web sites. We will also screen the callers to ensure only qualified buyers are presented to you.

If your plane is brought to our field, we will provide aircraft management services at no charge to you besides fuel and hanger costs. Our goal is to skilfully and knowledgeably show your plane, and conduct demonstration flights.

Financing and insurance is always a concern for your buyers. With our connections, we will walk your buyer through the process comfortably. We provide the escrow company and title search connections, and follow through with all the FAA rules and regulations to closing. Last minute glitches do occur occasionally, but we work hard to make sure nothing has been missed. In short, we do all the work, and suffer all the headaches in selling your plane for you. And we do it successfully.

1000's of Aircraft Bought, Sold, and Serviced through LSAS!
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Zero Charge Appraisal Services

We will do a complimentary appraisal for you. This will give you an exact expectation of what the market will bare for your plane. The appraisal includes considerations for standard equipment, credits for added equipment, considerations for total time on the airframe and engine, plus or minus, exterior and interior condition, and the avionics.

In addition, if you fly your plane to us, we will do a pre-purchase inspection free of charge. This will reveal any squawks that need attention prior to your buyer having an inspection done. We will help you get your plane in the best possible condition for resale.
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Ferry Services

Whether you buy your airplane from Lear Stevens Aviation Services, Inc., or someplace else, we can help. Our new Aircraft Transport Service will provide you with all the necessary information, and a skilled, experienced pilot to transport your new airplane across the country or across the border!

For Services call: Judith Lear today to inquire about our newest Aviation Services, Direct: 757.567.0568 or e-mail:

For West Coast or International Services call: Rick Carmichael, Direct: 408.605.5974 or 702.788.4669 or email:
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Aircraft Management Services

This is a service provided for those busy professionals who love their planes - while they are in the air - but do not have the time to oversee the care and maintenance needed to keep their birds in top shape.

We will expertly oversee the care of your aircraft, and provide housing. (space available) We also coordinate and follow up on the necessary maintenance and inspections and keep her airworthy and conduct flight checks for you when you are too busy to do so yourself. We also offer Ferry Services.

Our fees are reasonable for these services. If interested, just contact us any time.
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Insurance Services

We are an international company, our network of insurance brokers will find the best premiums available for you, some as high as a 30% savings for you.
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Financial Services

We have a network of financiers, banks and institutions that we deal with on a personal, as well as, professional basis. In some cases, we have secured financing for our buyers at 100% with no down payment. Although rare, it can be done. We will advise you where to go to get the best rates possible on your aircraft.
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