Decades of Excellence and Proven Services:     

Lear Stevens Aviation Services unbeatable Buyer Broker Team, Judith R. Lear and Thomas N. Stevens share over 60 years of proven customer satisfaction and combined aviation experience, worldwide. Because of our 5 plus rating, 1000's of aircraft have come through our hangar doors. Dedication to professionalism and giving wings to your dreams is what Lear Stevens Aviation Services are all about.  Since our official incorporation in 2006, your Lear Stevens Aviation Team has helped countless buyers and sellers come together for seamless Aircraft purchases. And when we've found the perfect plane to meet your mission, we'll perform all the necessary maintenance inspections and repairs by professional Airline and General Aviation experienced, FAA certified mechanics. 

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, our services include:

  • Buyer or Seller Representation in Aircraft purchase and/or selling
  • CAVA Certified Aircraft Value Appraisal by A&P, IA
  • Assistance in Aircraft Title Searches, Closings, Title Transfers, Financing and Insurance
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection by FAA Certified A&P, IA
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs, Annual inspections, 100-hour inspections and Pre Buy Inspections. 
  • Flight Ferrying/Transfer Service of your new aircraft
  • Experienced Certified Aircraft Exporters
  • Aircraft Disassembly and Crating for shipping overseas
  • Flight Instruction, Bi-Annuals, Endorsements, Time and Type, Tail Wheel or Sea Plane Instruction by CFI, MEI, Tail Wheel, Sea Plane Instructor, Tom Stevens

Lear Stevens Aviation Services Incorporated is your professional and unbeatable buyer broker team and we've got you covered.  



Proven Successful Aircraft Sales:

The process of selling any service or tangible item shares one common denominator; disciplined repetition and multiple hours of focussed effort. A few questions to consider before selling your aircraft are included below: 

  1. Does your time allow for you to answer all incoming calls, at various hours of the day or night?   
  2. Do you have the time and patience to spend countless hours returning emails, responding to the same questions over and over? 
  3. Are you ready for the advertising expense and do you have the desire or the aptitude to effectively market a plane?  
  4. The average number of callers you will receive for every serious buyer on a plane is 10 to 1.  Can you freely sacrifice the time to sort through the "tire kickers" until you find the perfect, qualified buyer for your aircraft?

We welcome the time to greet each caller with the assistance they deserve and we respect each and every caller as though they are the first and last buyer for your aircraft. 

Through years of experience, Lear Stevens Aviation has developed the expertise to successfully match the right buyer with the appropriate seller's aircraft to expedite a final sale.  With your busy lifestyle, why not let Lear Stevens Aviation Services take this cumbersome, time consuming task off your hands, all the while meeting your market expectations?   

Our first step is to know your plane inside and out, and for marketing purposes, in ways possibly not considered before. We'll ask questions and seek information about your aircraft that previously, may have been considered unimportant. Once you're comfortable with us, and we are content knowing everything about your plane, we'll advertise your aircraft on our web site as well as other popular aviation websites.  We will also screen the callers to ensure only qualified buyers are presented to you to save you time.  

If your plane is brought to our field, we will provide aircraft management services at no charge to you besides fuel and hanger costs.  Our goal is to skilfully and knowledgeably show your plane, and conduct demonstration flights by fully qualified and insured CFI's.    

Financing and insurance are always concerns for buyers.  With our connections, we will walk your buyer through the process comfortably. We provide the escrow company and title search connections, and follow through with all the FAA rules and regulations to closing.  Last minute glitches do occur occasionally, but we work hard to make sure nothing has been missed.  In short, we do all the work, and suffer all the headaches in selling your plane for you. And we do it successfully.

Are you too busy to answer calls and to effectively market your plane? Why not let Lear Stevens Aviation Services take this cumbersome, time consuming task off your hands? The average number of callers you receive for every serious buyer is 10 to 1.  Do you really have the time to sort through the "tire kickers" until you find the perfect buyer for your aircraft?  We do because that's what we do; we match the right buyers with the appropriate seller's aircraft to expedite a final sale. 



Aircraft Buyer's Agent:


As your representative, your interests are our only priority. Finding just the right aircraft is extremely time consuming and often, frustrating. Each aircraft owner feels their plane is the best plane on the market and occasionally, that's true. Specific questions about previous ownership, the location of the aircraft during its airworthy life, the maintenance records and required paperwork are all considerations for Lear Stevens Aviation Services that we will address as a third party acting on your behalf for all planes for sale. Like in all large acquisitions, having that "go-to" person to act in your interest is definitely a plus.


With many years under our belt, we've successfully acted as the Buyer's Agent within the United States and Internationally. As experienced Buyer's Agents, we have matched buyers and sellers world-wide with the ideal aircraft to meet the mission because as our repeat customer's state, we know aircraft inside and out. Lear Stevens Aviation Services has matched hundreds of buyers with the appropriate seller's aircraft to expedite a final sale.


If you're moving from General Aviation to Business Class Aviation, we can help. Or if your family is expanding and you simply need more space, we can locate the perfect plane to meet your requirements. When we find the right aircraft for you as per your request, we'll perform a CAVA Certified Aircraft Value Appraisal to determine the market value for airplanes for sale. Once you've made the decision to buy, we'll close it, file the required FAA documentation and transport the aircraft to you. With Lear Stevens Aviation Services as your right seat, buying an aircraft has never been easier.



Aircraft Maintenance:

US Air/Piedmont Airline, Aviation Institute of Maintenance Instructor and General Aviation Veteran, Thomas N. Stevens, A&P P, IA, CFI, MEI and his team of highly qualified A&P's and IA's have joined forces to deliver quality, fairly priced maintenance services for PA 15's or Cessna 150's all the way up to King Air Turbo Props!

OPEN SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK and on HOLIDAYS (except Christmas and Thanksgiving) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, if you fly it, our mechanics can fix it! Under Tom's supervision, our experts are experienced in all phases of aircraft airframe repairs. From repairing a part that's no longer supported by a manufacturer, to sheet metal and welding and skin repairs/replacements, we can do it all.

Engine Maintenance and Repairs include anything from simply changing the oil and Annual Inspections, all the way up to (but excluding) Engine Overhauls. Our fair rates are based on an hourly rate of $85.00 and our Annual Inspections start at $1500.00 for Single Engine Aircraft and $1800.00 for a Single Engine Complex.  Our Multi Engine rate is moderate, as well, starting at just $2300.00 for an Annual Inspection!

And if you're in the market for a new Aircraft, we can help you with your Pre-Buy Inspection, as well!  We perform Pre-Purchase Inspections for as little as $500.00, or as former NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisers, our CAVA Aircraft Value team can assist you with your bank requirements, too!

If you're an Importer or your Aircraft is being Exported, we'll disassemble, pack and crate your plane expertly so it will reach its destinations safely.

We are ON CALL for any EMERGENCY including HOLIDAYS! Please contact us before or after hours at: 1-757-237-6555 or 1-757- 567-0568



Aircraft Management Services:

This is a service provided for those busy professionals who love their planes - while they are in the air - but do not have the time to oversee the care and maintenance needed to keep their aircraft in top shape. 

We will expertly oversee the care of your aircraft, and provide a hanger (space available) if you do not have one.  We'll coordinate and follow up on the necessary maintenance inspections to keep your plane airworthy, and conduct flight checks for you when you are too busy to do so. We also offer Ferry Services.  Our fees are reasonable for these services, and if interested, please just contact us any time. 



Aircraft Insurance and Aircraft Financial Services:

We are an international company, with resources globally.  Our network of insurance brokers will find the best premiums available for you with occasionally as much as a 30% savings for you.

We have a network of financiers, banks and institutions that we deal with on a professional basis. In some cases, we have secured financing for our buyers at 100% with no down payment.  Although rare, under the right circumstances it can be done.  We will advise you where to go to get the best rates possible on your aircraft.  



CAVA Certified Aircraft Value Appraisals, Market Analysis and Pre-Buy Inspections:

As former NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisers, we know there are thousands of banks, government organizations, and other entities across the United States, Canada and Mexico that specify a certified trained appraisers perform their aircraft appraisals. Every day others recognize the importance of documenting and knowing the actual fair market value of the aircraft. These organizations consider a certified appraisal performed by a certified trained appraiser to be the most accurate method available.

Our (CAVA) Certified Aircraft Value Appraisers will thoroughly and accurately evaluate the current aircraft market prices for you. This will give you an exact expectation of what the market will bear for your aircraft. The appraisal includes considerations for standard equipment, credits for added equipment or compliances, considerations for total time on the airframe and engine hours or rotations, exterior and interior condition and amenities, and avionics. Out of consideration for our customers, our CAVA Appraisal fees are substantially reduced or eliminated entirely for our Aircraft Sales and/or Buyer Customer.  

In addition, if you fly your plane to us, we will examine the maintenance records and perform a visual inspection. Albeit, this is not a mechanical inspection, in most cases the visual inspection will alert you to any squawks that need attention prior to your buyer having an inspection completed. We will help you get your plane in the best possible condition for resale. Out of consideration for our customers, our Pre-Purchase Inspection fees are substantially reduced or eliminated entirely for our Aircraft Sales and/or Buyer Customers.  



Aircraft Transport and Ferry Services:

Whether you buy your airplane from Lear Stevens Aviation Services, Inc., or someplace else, we can help.  Our new Aircraft Transport Service will provide you with all the necessary information, and a skilled, experienced pilot to transport your new airplane across the country or across the border!   

For Services Text/Call or email: Judith Lear today to inquire about our newest Aviation Services. Direct Text/Cell: 1-757-567-0568 or e-mail:  

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Aviation professionals please consider being our eyes and ears for potential aircraft for sale; all from the comfort of your home airport, and all during your regular working hours.  No investment of time required, only your observational skills.

PART TIME EMPLOYMENT at your local airport available. Individuals who currently frequent a particular airport in the US (all classes), for employment or leisure are eligible. Earn substantial income in minimal time. No selling or telemarketing involved. 

Lear Stevens Aviation Services has more buyers than we have aircraft to sell and you can assist in filling the gap; all the while earning real income, and helping aircraft buyer's. 

Please email Judith Lear: or TEXT to mobile: 1-757-567-0568 for more information.  Please include your name and airport location in your email or text.

The management and crew of Lear Stevens Aviation Services looks forward to welcoming you to our professional team!

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