Satisfied Lear Stevens Aviation Customer Testimonies: 


  • John in Houston (IAH) says, "The plane exceeded my expectations.  Nothing was misrepresented and I'm 110% happy with the experience.   I've bought and sold dozens of airplanes and this was smoothest transaction ever.

  • Charles in VA saus: "You are my hero!  Great work Judith.  Please pass along my thanks to Tom.  You two are a class act!"

  • PJM6A in RIC says, "On another thread in VAF, I saw that someone had recommended Tom Stevens of Lear Stevens Aviation. So, I gave Tom a call and arranged the pre-buy. He was a straight-forward, matter-of-fact, let's get the job-done, sort of guy. I was very pleased with him and his service. Easy and trustworthy to do business with, and I gladly recommend him to any of my fellow RV-ers. Thank you Tom!"

  • Jim from CA says, "These folks know airplanes. Inside and out."

  • Mark from NC says, "The most qualified and professional group of people around."

  • Rich from AK says; "I have known Tom's dad and the Stevens boys since South Norfolk W33 days in the early 1980's.  I've never met a family more dedicated to aviation than this family.  The aircraft knowledge shared is unmatched with 3 generations in aviation.  When I heard Tom and Judy had added aircraft appraisals to their services, I immediately called and set an appointment for my twin to be appraised.  Judy told me it would take a week and within 3 days the report was delivered to my bank and emailed to me.  The banker told me the report was meticulous and thorough and no further information was required.  A few weeks later, Judy called to thank me for the referral and to let me know the bank had contacted CAVA to appraise another customer's aircraft.  The next time an appraisal is needed, I will definitely contact CAVA.  I highly recommend them." 

  • Dave from VA says, "Point blank. If you are serious about aviation, Tom and Judy are your people. THE best hands down. You need a plane? Lear Stevens. Want to sell your plane? Lear Stevens. Want to learn to fly, give Tom a call. Period."

  • Jeff from MO says, "It's ALL good!  I wouldn't trust anyone else." 

Displayed are real testimonials above